Which Sex Toys Do Men like Live Cam Models to Use?

Which Sex Toys Do Men like Live Cam Models to Use?

One of the biggest parts of a live cam show is the sex toy that the model is using. While a new model might think that simply bringing her favorite vibrator or dildo onto her cam might be good enough, there’s a lot more she can offer her viewers. The best thing that a live cam porno model can offer in her show is interactivity. The viewers want to be a part of the show and they want to be able to affect the model they’re watching. That’s the difference between paying for a cam show and simply watching a porn video. With this is mind, here are the best sex toys that men like to see their cam models using on sites like LivFreeCams.com.


The most popular toy that you’ll see on a cam site is the Lush by Lovense. That’s because it’s a great toy with a lot of interactivity. It gets inserted into the vagina and vibrates right against the g-spot when it get set off. What makes this toy so desirable is that it can be set off with public and private tips. That brings the model more money while giving the viewers a way to make her jump and shake at their tips.


Next up on the list is the Shockspot fuck machine. This is a big, beefy thing that looks more at home in an auto shop than the bedroom, but it really brings in the viewers. That’s because it’s the only fuck machine on the market that can be operated by tips. The viewers get the chance to decide how hard the model gets fucked while she can set any intensity at any tip level that she wants. It works out well for everyone involved, no matter how intimidating the machine happens to look.


Of course, no list is going to be complete without the Nora by Lovense. Much like the Lush, this is a toy that’s set off by tips. The difference here is that the Nora is a full size vibrator with a clitoral stimulator. That means the model can use it while the viewers set it off, which makes it interactive in two different ways. The model and the viewers can both work together to make the best shows possible and it’s all extremely easy to set up and use on the cam.


Anyone who loves Lovense is going to love the Hush. It’s basically a Lush for anal stimulation and that’s why so many men love it. It makes everything that happens during the show even more taboo than it would normally be. All the model has to do is insert it in her ass and let the viewers take over. It’s best for a model with real anal experience, but it’s easy enough for a backdoor virgin to use. Since it’s just vibrating, it’s not going to be as difficult to get used to as a toy that’s going to slid in and out.

OhMiBod Esca 2

A different kind of take on the internal vibrator is the OhMiBod Esca 2. This is made by Kiiroo, and set off by tips. What sets this one apart is that it comes with an antenna that lights up when it gets set off. That lets your viewers see that their tips are really setting it of when it starts to vibrate. Its’ also a slimmer design than the Hush. If you need something that’s smaller and lets you see when it’s going off, this is the toy that you need to have in your shows.


Finally, we come to the Domi by Lovense. This is a magic wand that’s a whole lot more fun than what Hitachi has to offer you. Just like most other toys on this list, it’s operated by tips. The model can either hold it or find a way to strap it to her body. Then the viewers are allowed to set off the intense vibrations and enjoy all of the reactions that they illicit. It has a lot of potential as a fetish toy and is sure to make your male viewers’ faces light up whenever they see you pull it out.

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