Hide Sex Toys From Your Kids?

Hide Sex Toys From Your Kids?

What is it about kids? They are so curious about the world. They don’t always understand limits and private spaces. I guess I wasn’t any better when I look back at myself growing up. I found so many Christmas presents as a kid and I was never looking for them. My kids are the same way. That leads to a big problem when it comes to sex toys. Even the most basic of toys can lead to awkward questions that no parent wants to try to deal with. So you can either get rid of the toys, get rid of the kids, or you can develop a better way to hide sex toys until they move out of the house.


So the first step in making your toys more secure is to make sure that you have some clear spaces that are not for the kids so there is less need to hide sex toys. An obvious starting place is your bedroom. There is no reason your kids need to be in your room when you are not there, so it is important to help them develop that understanding from a young age. Sure they can come in late at night when they have a bad dream or at other times if you need help with something or to just talk, but make sure that your kids know that they shouldn’t just come into your room when you are not there.


Another option is to invest in something that you can lock up and hide sex toys. Perhaps you have a filing cabinet that you can lock or a lock box. Some adult stores even sell a lockable vibrator case that includes a four digit combination so there is little chance the little ones will have the patience to go through all of the possible combinations just to get into a strange box. Of course this can include a variety of options that will take some experimentation and trial and error. Just make sure that you don’t lose the keys or combination or you might miss out when you want to have some fun.


Do you have a lot of stuff in your closet that might make it easy to hide sex toys? Consider hiding your toys in one of your purses or an old hat box that is hidden away, but still easy to find when you are ready for them. First this will make their search that much harder because they will have to go through everything in the closet to find them, but also they wouldn’t know that is where to look even if they were looking for that specifically. Let’s consider some other ways to hide sex toys as well.


Another good option to hide sex toys is to slip your toys between the mattress and the box spring of your bed. This will keep them out of sight, but also easy to locate when you need them. Just make sure to have them located far enough under the mattress so that anyone changing the bed won’t find them either if you don’t want them found at all. It will also be a good idea if you have a variety of toys to keep them together when you hide them in a bag so that they don’t disappear or get separated.


What about the linen closet? Most people won’t look past the stack of towels and sheets to see what is further back in the closet. The could be a great option to hide sex toys but still have easy access to them when you need them. Again, make sure that you keep them in a box or bag so that they don’t spread out.


When you are looking to hide sex toys, you need to use some creativity to make sure that you are finding the best hiding places. Just remember that your kids are at least as curious as you were when you were a kid, so try to keep your hiding places, but also look for places that do not make your kids curious. Also keep your attention high when you are closer to holidays and birthdays as this will lead to snooping.

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