Alternate Uses For Sex Toys

Alternate Uses For Sex Toys

Do you have a bedroom drawer packed with sex toys? When you find that you have a drawer packed with sex toys, you should think about alternative ways to make the most out of your toys. Alternate sex toy uses include common kitchen and bathrooms tasks.

Let’s face it. We don’t always use our sex toys for their intended purpose and it would not be the first time I have seen a sex doll being brought to a party. Sometimes. we don’t use an old sex toy after having bought another one. But, there is no need to throw it away. Instead, consider all of the things you can use your sex toys for in your daily life.


How To Use Your Vibrator To Create A Luxury Bath

When you find that your bubble bath does not give you that ultimate experience luxury bathing experience, you should put your favorite vibrator to good use.

Before you get into the bath, use your vibrator as an agitator to create more bubbles. Unless your vibrator is okay to submerge in the bath, you should never put it straight in at depth. Instead, gently move it up and down the surface of the water to create more bubbles.


Using Sex Toy Uses In The Kitchen

There is no reason why you should not use sex toys in the kitchen after you have cleaned them. Most sex toys are safe to clean in hot water. Remember to take any batteries out and don’t damage the motor. Once you have cleaned your toys, sex toy uses in the kitchen are more or less infinite.


Making Perfect Meringues Using A Vibrator

As we all know, whipping egg whites to create the perfect meringue is not easy. A standard handheld whisk is okay, but your arm will start to feel sore quickly. Sure, you can use an electric whisk. However, using an electric whisk may beat the egg whites a little bit too hard.

When you want to make the perfect meringues, use your vibrator instead. You will find that your egg whites will come out much fluffier and “peak” much faster. As always, hold the bowl over your head to make sure your egg whites have been vibrated to the perfect consistency.


Dreamy, Creamy Vibrator Drinks

It is not easy to create creamy coffee and chocolate drinks with the help of a whisk or mixer. When you want to achieve that perfect creamy peak on your coffee or hot chocolate to impress your friends, it is time to put your vibrator to good use.

All you have to do is to submerge the top of the vibrator in the milk or cream. You should never use the vibrator at top speed as this will make the liquid spill over the top of the mug. Use a slower speed setting and agitate the liquid for a few minutes. Towards the end, increase the speed for a few seconds and pull the vibrator out quickly. Doing so will give you the perfect fluffy peak.


Can I Mix Cakes Using A Handheld Vibrator?

You probably could use a handheld vibrator mixing a cake, but it would be time consuming and make your arm ache. Instead, consider using your vibrator to blend smaller baking batches such as fair cakes and muffins. This is a much more efficient way of mixing together small batches of almost anything.

On top of that, you should consider using your vibrator when making sauces or making yourself a quick smoothie in a glass. Vibrators are great for creating a smooth banana paste.


Juicing With A Vibrator

There is no reason why you can’t use your vibrator when you want to use smaller citrus fruits. Mandarins are more delicate when it comes to juicing and using vibrator would give you a much better result.

Bear in mind that this technique can get a bit messy, but you will certainly extract more juice. Hold the mandarin orange in your hand over a bowl and insert the vibrator on a high vibration setting. You will soon discover that this is a quick way to juice mandarins for a breakfast juice treat.


Can I Mix Paint With My Vibrator?

Yes, you can certainly use your vibrator to mix paint. It will mix the paint to perfection and give it an even consistency. Do make sure that you use a gentle paint cleaner to clean your vibrator. Both metal and plastic vibrators are easily damaged by harsh chemical cleaners.

Sex toys are very versatile home appliances and we should never underestimate the ways in which we can put our sex toys to good use in and around the home.

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