30 Day Sex Challenge

30 Day Sex Challenge

Lets start a 30 Day Sex Challenge this week. This is based on the ever popular Reddit 30 day challenge that we have adapted to be all inclusive for our wonderful clients who have been coming in and telling us that they have started doing 30 Day challenges to keep things fresh and reignite the intimacy.

So why do it?

Sometimes in relationships, sex and intimacy can fade from being the most important thing on the mind. We are sidetracked by the daily grind, the pressure of work, life, kids, family, friends or even just the pressure we put on ourselves. Sometimes we have differing libidos or sex drives than our partners which is perfectly normal.

So this challenge is about making time to make sex and intimacy a priority. To make love and reigniting passion in your relationship. Even if you already do the deed six ways on Sunday, maybe our 30 day challenge will be a fresh breath of air, give you some neat tricks or that element of heat to spice things up.

In the spirit of positive and healthy sex perceptions- this is not about orgasming. Sex should not be defined by an orgasm. It is about feeling good, about pleasure and about connection. If you orgasm- GREAT, if you feel AMAZING -FANTASTIC. If you feel closer- BRILLIANT! Job well done! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Here is the list:

Our 30 Day Sex Challenge


  1. Each partner can modify/replace the activity for two of the days of their choosing before the challenge starts. No edits after the challenge begins.

  2. Each partner gets two VETO days in which they can choose to just have sex and bypass a specific day’s activity.

  3. Partners can also add anything to the list if both partners agree.

  4. Periods/menstruation, holidays, business travel will be treated as “pause” if necessary.

  5. If a day is missed, an extra day is to be added to the challenge increasing the challenge length from 30, to 31, 32, and so on. HOWEVER the challenge MUST NOT exceed 40 days.

  6. Consent Consent Consent – Do not force either partner to do something that they are not comfortable with. The idea is to push your own comfort levels and be willing to give this a go to the best of your ability.

  7. Condoms and birth control should be used when desired or required.

Day 1—Have sex at a time other than before bed. Lunch time romp, morning sex, or after work workout.

Day 2— Browse a list, book of sex positions, or watch a Kama Sutra video together. Pick a few new positions to try. Be sure to tell your partner what you think looks enjoyable and why. Stick to the easy stuff. No point getting an injury on day 2.

Day 3—Have sex twice in a day.

Day 4—Read erotica together before sex. Find good erotica online and each pick a short story. Head over to our Erotic stories and read them aloud to each other.

Day 5—Shower/Bath/Spa sex. Be extra soapy but use caution. Silicone based lube (not shower water or soap) is advised.

Day 6— Full body Sensual oil massage, be slow and intentional. Touch and feel your partner’s body The   aim today is to be intimate and know each other’s bodies. Try Wildfire All over Pleasure Oil – Its full of natural oils and aphrodisiacs!

Day 7— Quickie. 10 minutes or less. Try someplace/time fun. Example: while preparing breakfast standing in the kitchen. Bonus Round: Two or more in a day.

Day 8—Road trip. Park, make out and have car sex. Option: go home for sex afterwards. Even if just do it in the car in the garage.

Day 9—Sex while seated on chair or sofa, facing each other or facing away.

Day 10— Watch porn together. Movie or 30 minutes minimum. Bonus Play: Masturbate (self or partner) or have sex while watching. Start with something safe if you have never watched before.

Day 11— Oral Sex only. Tell your partner what works, if you want, be adventurous and try the ol’ 69. Treat yourself and buy a flavoured lubricant like Jo Gelato or Wicked Watermelon or up your game and turn up wear Candy or Gummy Undies or a Gummy Pecker Ring for them to eat off.

Day 12—Your turn to dominate. Tell your partner that you’re in charge. Bonus Play: Ropes or handcuffs. Remember to use Red for Stop and Green for Go. Consent is vital and alway check in with your partner to ensure that they’re ok.

Day 13—sex without your senses. Blindfold each other and use a warming or cooling lubricant. Go wild and let your bodies do the talking!! *

Day 14—Find a new place in the house for sex. Kitchen, bath, living room, chair, sofa, floor, etc.

Day 15—Mutual Masturbation Each partner brings themselves to an orgasm seated in front of the partner in bed. Same time is ideal. Share what you are feeling. Use what you like. Observe and learn.

Day 16—Advanced level Kama Sutra. Find two or three challenging positions to try. Again, avoid injury.

Add sex toys into your love making.

Day 17— Vibrators, dildos, cock rings, beads and ticklers. This session is all about finding what works. Bonus Play: We-Vibe or other shared sex toys.

Day 18— Use edible paint or edible pens to write on each other what you love about each other and each other’s bodies before licking each other clean.

Day 19—Sex without intercourse. Hands, body, toys, mouths.

Day 20–Share fantasies today by email. (warning, do not use work email) Pick one to play out. Bonus Play: costumes.

Day 21—Visit a sex store together. You both must make a purchase. Sex toys, sex games, videos, or books. We recommend OhZone Caringbah, Oh Zone Penrith or Adultsmart Kogarah

Day 22— It’s about You today- your pleasure. No intercourse, hands mouth, toys, find all those buttons and have fun.*

Day 23—Take a breather… enjoy a night of just sex

Day 24—Sex game… dice, spinner, or app. Find something fun to play.

Day 25— Slow it down sex. Fuck at ¼ speed. This is a marathon, slow and steady. 45 Minutes+

Day 26—Be dominated . They’re in charge, do what they say. Bonus Play: Ropes or handcuffs* Remember to use Red for Stop and Green for Go. Consent is vital and alway check in with your partner to ensure that they’re ok.

Day 27—Dinner out with under the table touching. Nothing illegal! Then go home or hotel for sex.

Day 28—Multiple Day. Have a few minutes cool down with caressing afterwards then try to start it back up again, or just keep going!! Today, one is never enough! Whether it’s edging or whether it’s full orgasm keep them coming.

Day 29—It’s about Them today- their pleasure. No intercourse, hands mouth, toys, find all those buttons and have fun.

Day 30—Stay up all night—or as long as you can, having sex. Have as much sex as possible today. Explore 27 days of favorites today and try to have either 5 orgasms or sex 5 times.


Ok guys this is the big one are you ready?! So you’ve made it through the 30 days. You’re feeling the connection and it’s been great, there have been laughs and there have been some new things you have learnt. This is the Ultimate task. Purchase a Roll of Canvas (I got mine from Eckersley) and purchase some body safe paint (definitely make sure it is body safe and preferably water soluble) and you’re going to turn your sex into art together.

 *For partners with more than two partners we advise swapping out a day of your choosing to ensure that everyone gets their day in the spotlight!


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